Learn The Exact Lead Generation Methods, Funnels And Profit Strategies That Have Generated Millions In Sales For Business Owners Just Like You In The Last 12 Months...
"Gain access to the exact model and support systems that we've developed to generate over $108,400,000 in additional sales for hundreds of business owners in the last 12 months.

This includes our painless lead generation system, attraction marketing blueprint and the '4 gate' sales strategy that has clients begging to do business with you.

This exact system has helped hundreds of business owners who were overwhelmed, frustrated and burnt out trying to achieve better results and feeling the impact of working long hours on their health, self-belief and family time."
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"We are now experiencing 30+ sales per month which is an increase of 40% in our business"
Brett Boulton - BOLD Group
Following Our System, Members Are Achieving...
Aletha achieved a 700% increase in sales within 90 days... 

"The results were quick - we got a 700% increase in sales within a 3 month turnaround.

We felt we were at a stage in our business where we needed some help to clarify our processes and take us to that next level.

The biggest win for me was getting the immediate result of sales. He has helped us to create a team that is uniform with the direction we are heading in our business".

Aletha Walters - Stroud Homes Wide Bay
Brett achieved a 40% plus increase in retail sales within 90 days...

"The results we achieved with Anthony have been fantastic. We are now experiencing 30+ retail sales per month which is an increase of around 40% in our business. As a business owner - to have the reward of success definitely allows you to keep pushing forward and to keep achieving more.

For anyone thinking of working with Anthony I'd say definitely do it - it has been fantastic for us and our business"

Brett Boulton - BOLD Group
Adam uncovered new strategies to outpace his competition... 

"Looking at the next growth of our business I was unsure of what to look at in terms of the marketing, social and brand awareness and those sorts of things. The impact of that for me was stress across the board. It's a stressful experience when you get caught up in that cycle

Have a look at what Kirby provides - engaging him further will only further your growth and boost your business"

Adam Blake - Blake Sign Co.
Kristin revamped his client offering based on one workshop... 

"After going through a 90 day plan with Kirby it was like WOW. Having someone come through and ask me a new set of questions was eye opening. It shed a new perspective on my business and made me realise that there were things I should be doing that I wasn't

If you want to be able to look at your business in a different light then you definitely need to look at this. I really like the fact that it's never about the pitch at the end of it - there just isn't one!".

Kristin Jacobsen - Connected Wealth
Martin has improved sales by 23%... 

"Before working with Business Growth Co. we weren't sure how we were going to convert sales or what direction we should take. We were struggling with understanding our ideal client and where to find our ideal clients.

Since working with Business Growth Co. our business has really started to grow and we have great direction on where we want to go".

Martin Mills - Conceptual Creative
What If Your Business Achieved Results Like This?

The Predictable Growth Academy (PGA) is a proven framework designed specifically for business owners who feel they have reached a 'plateau' in their business and who are looking for the know-how and strategy to reach the next level of growth, so they can finally take control and get off the hamster wheel for good.

The program is comprised of 3 core principles that underpin all that we do and teach

Principle #1 - We'll show you the exact 'how to' for everything we teach;

Principle #2 - We'll provide a community of other successful business owners just like you.

Principle #3 - We'll keep you on track so that you take consistent action and get results.

It is not about watching endless tutorial videos and being left to your own devices like most other courses you may have experienced before. 

When you join us - from day one we will be working alongside you, guiding you through what you need to do, how to do it and giving you as much support as needed to ensure you get the result you came for.


Step One - In-Depth LIVE Training Modules
Every fortnight we'll add new live training to the private community for you to work through with us. These training sessions are the starting point of our teachings and will help you develop your painless lead generation system, attraction marketing and 4 gate sales process.

You'll also learn all about Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, Landing Pages, Marketing, Sales Processes, Client Retention and much more (you can check out all of the areas you'll cover further down this page).

Step Two - Direct Strategy & Implementation With You
Each fortnight we'll jump on a group call with you, where we will 'hot seat' your business to identify the exact strategy you need to follow in order to move your business and profits forward.

You'll get the benefit of learning what is working in other industries that you can take advantage of and apply to your own business (all of the calls are recorded and uploaded to your private members area to watch later).

Each day you can ask questions, share screenshots and videos of your progress and publish your goals moving forward so the mentors and your business acquaintances can ensure you stay on track. We'll give you direct and tangible feedback at every step to ensure you are never alone on your journey. 

And - because we want to bring the community together, we'll hold a quarterly 2-day workshop at a capital city around Australia that you can attend (as an added bonus) to spend time with us and your fellow business owners. This is where we'll accelerate your growth and map out the strategy for the next 90 days (whilst teaching you the latest in sales, marketing and lead generation).

And finally - to top off the year, we'll converge on a mystery location for our luxury end of year conference where we'll celebrate the year that was, plan for the year ahead, enjoy some social interactions and a couple of cheeky drinks (and maybe some karaoke too!).
'How To' Guidance
Like-Minded Community
Consistent Action = Results
What The Training & Support Will Cover...
  •  High Converting Facebook Ads
  •  Uncovering The Hidden Profit In Your Business
  •  Social Media Mastery
  •  The World's Easiest Sales Process
  •  3 Foundational Methods For Business Growth
  •  Building Epic Communities
  •  Email Marketing Masterclass
  •  Authority Positioning 101
  •  Essential Tools For Building Your Brand
  •  Generating High Quality Leads On Tap
  •  Creating Consistent Cashflow
  •  Building High Performance Teams
  •  Aligning Your Brand For Success
  •  Generating 12 Months Worth Of Quality Content
  •  How To Be Powerfully Productive
  •  Authentic Strategic Alliances That Work
  •  Simple Systems To Support Massive Growth
  •  All Event and Call Recordings Throughout The Year
How We Achieve The Results You Want...

Business 'Hot Seat' Sessions

The 'Hot Seat' Sessions are held fortnightly as an online group video call. You will get simple and actionable strategic advice specific to your business.

You'll also get the benefit of learning what is working in other industries that you can take advantage of and apply to your own business.

This is where the magic happens for our clients - with each session adding extreme value to your business (as you work directly with the mentors and Anthony). You'll want to clear your schedule to ensure you don't miss out on these!

Live Training - 'How-To' Blueprints

This is a library of pure gold for you and your business, where you can find a plethora of content, strategies and how-to guides on everything you need to take your business to the next level. 

In each blueprint, we will go in-depth and show you exactly how to master the core areas of your business so that you don't just achieve short term results, but consistent, sustainable and predictable growth for many years to come.

Private Community

Our Online Private Community is where we spend our time each day - and the place we can add more value to your business as you experience your daily challenges and outcomes between your 'hot seat' sessions.

We have members posting everything from celebrating the wins in their business, to posting specific questions about challenges they are experiencing, to asking for advice and recommendations and also leveraging each other's network to connect with the right people to help grow your business. We even have strategic alliances being set up regularly between members, where they are able to work together to grow both of their businesses at the same time and support each other with their complementary strengths.

Quarterly 'Intensive' Workshops

These workshops are a full 2 day immersion into your business, where we help you to strip back the noise, focus more on the things that will move your business forward and help you to set a clear, strategic plan for the quarter ahead. 

These Quarterly Workshops are held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with the end of year conference held in an exclusive luxury resort (more on that to come!)

End Of Year Conference

Our end of year conference mixes business with pleasure in the beautiful setting of an exclusive, luxury resort

We will help you reflect on your achievements and learnings over the past 12 months, as well as map out a clear strategic plan for the year ahead. 

This will be combined with plenty of laughs, cold beverages and celebrating the year that was with your new friends and mentors.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If, after 30 days, you feel like the program is not worth at least 10X the investment you have made - we will refund your money in full.

That's a no-brainer guarantee - and our way of backing the level of support, training and opportunity that we'll provide for you and your business moving forward.
What Happens When Join...
Step One
When you join we will receive your details and add you to the community (note: you will need an active Facebook account)

Step Two
Immerse yourself into the experience with others in the group, enjoy the live training sessions and group hot seat sessions and take your business to the next level with our mentorship and support every step of the way.