Eliminate Your Business Frustrations & Achieve Growth In 2018
The Business Growth Mastermind has been developed specifically for business owners who feel like they are wearing all the hats, struggling to find time to 'get it all done' and feeling the impact on health, family and finances.

It is a space to reach the next level in lead generation, sales revenue and net profits and share with other like-minded owners just like you...
What People Have Said...
What You'll Learn In The Mastermind
The method that has helped 100's of business owners add millions in revenue...
You'll learn how to win more clients without being 'salesy', how to generate leads using Facebook Ads and the fundamentals of marketing for the modern business.
Develop a world class strategic vision and plan for your brand which you'll use to stop wearing all the hats in your business and catapult you towards your goals.
Learn the systems, processes and people skills that allow you to scale your brand without the headaches usually associated with growing your business.
How do some brands stand above the competition? Position your business to attract your ideal client. It's easy when you follow the rules the world's best know!
What's a great business without a strong leader? We'll make sure you develop high performance habits in productivity, financial management and mindset.
Full Support For Your Business Journey
The Business Growth Mastermind offers a supportive environment for your learning and growth
Hot Seats
Fortnightly hot seat video conference calls where I'll coach you through every step of your business growth plan 
Private online community where you can ask questions, learn from other members and watch LIVE training sessions.
New training released in your private members area every 2 weeks covering lead generation, sales and more
Workshops & End Of Year Conference
Your investment includes access to quarterly events with guest speakers, in-depth workshops and more...
2-Day Workshop
MARCH 2018
2-Day Workshop
JUNE 2018
2-Day Workshop
4-Day Workshop
Frequently Asked Questions
To help you decide if this is right for you...
How much does it cost to join?
Your investment to join the Business Growth Mastermind is $497AUD per month. This covers all live training, video training, fortnightly mentoring and coaching, quarterly event room hire and attendance fees, maintenance of your private member area, online community and more.
I'm struggling for time already...
The training components of the Mastermind can be watched 24/7/365 on any internet enabled device. You can work through the training at your own pace and every hot seat session is also recorded and added to your member area so that you can rewatch later when you have time available. 

I'll also teach you some great time management/productivity strategies that I've used with CEOs, Managers and Small Business Owners across Australia to improve their level of output in less time.
How do the quarterly events work?
The event fees are fully covered in your monthly investment - the only cost you'll have is flights and the cost of your accomodation if you are travelling from another location.

These are true professional development events, so they are fully catered (morning/afternoon tea, lunch) and we'll make sure there are plenty of opportunities to work with me directly on your brand and strategies. 

Plus we'll have plenty of guest speakers covering finance, health and wellbeing, website conversions and much more... (oh, and some VERY cool prizes too!).

If you can't make the event for some reason, don't worry as we'll provide a full recording PLUS we'll still have our hot seat calls during event cycles for those who can't get to the room.
I've worked with a coach before but I didn't get a result for it...
Me too! I've spent more than I'd care to admit making the wrong choice of people to mentor and coach me.

That's why I've added in two no-brainer guarantees so that you can make sure you like me, the group and the quality of the content I'm providing to you during the mastermind.

If you don't love the mastermind within your first 30 days - let me know and I'll refund you with no questions asked.

If you don't make at least $994 in sales during the first 8 weeks of the mastermind - I'll work with you personally (1 on 1) until we get you up to speed. I know these strategies work amazingly well so I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is.
I'm not sure I can do this now...
That's totally up to you. 


Here's what I know to be true. You landed on this page, and got this far down the FAQ because part of you knows this is the right step for you to take. So my question to you is this...

What needs to change in order for you to take action and get in the game? Who do you need to do this for (other than you)?
It seems expensive compared to other courses
Cost is rarely the issue - as you'll learn when I teach you how to sell properly (without being a pushy salesperson).

It comes down to one of two things for you... Either you don't see value in what I'm offering OR you don't have the budget to invest in the program.

If it's a value thing - I encourage you to find better value, with better guarantees from someone who has added millions in extra sales to clients from all walks of life.

If it's a budget thing - check out my monthly Momentum calls. They offer great insights and learnings for a lower monthly fee but you don't get access to any private community, member hot seat sessions or quarterly events.
I prefer face to face rather than online learning
You'll get plenty of face time with me through the program - on ZOOM calls (video conference) every 2 weeks PLUS in person at our quarterly events.

Doing it this way keeps the cost to an achievable level - because not everyone has access to high cash reserves to pay me the usual $48,000+ fees I attract from my current clientele.
Who is this Kirby guy?
This is one I get a lot... I'm the best kept secret in the Southern Hemisphere right now - because I focus more on getting results than running massive events with hundreds of people. I've been doing this sales and marketing thing for over 12 years now, have won awards across several industries and, since starting Business Growth Co., I've assisted well over 1000+ people to achieve more in business whilst regaining more personal time.
How do I join the Mastermind?
Hit the apply button below and fill in some simple questions. Once you are done, I'll call you to discuss your application and assess your suitability to join our amazing group of business owners and mentors.
Business Growth Mastermind
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